Girls Room Decor Ideas to Change The Feel of The Room

Teenage girls room decor ideas generally differ from those of boys. When decorating a teen girl’s bedroom, consider making it fit for a princess; after all, her room is her castle. Here are 34 girls room decor ideas ideas for teenage girls’ rooms.

1. Geomatric Wall Clock Girls Room Decor Ideas

girls room decor ideas

We’re slowly getting our house together after the big move. While all the boxes have been unpacked, there has been almost nothing on the walls. Blank. Empty walls. It’s not really good for the soul. Research proves that. So I decided to change things up and add a clock. I love clocks. I love telling time.

And I love wall art. This DIY geometric wall clock tips its hat in the mod direction, but is still colorful, playful, and matching to the rest of the aesthetic we’ve got going on in our home. And you can totally make one yourself. In, like, 15 minutes. So there’s that.

2. Fabric Wall Art Girls Room Decor Ideas

girl room paint ideas

While painting isn’t for everyone, that doesn’t mean a statement art piece isn’t within your reach! Set aside your artistic fears because if you know how to staple, you can easily create this fabulous fabric-covered canvas wall art. Take it up a notch by adding a monogram to your custom art piece to personalize it for that special little someone in your life.

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3. Floral And Wire Words Girls Room Decor

teen bedroom ideas

I wanted to revamp the project a little so that you could transport it and even hang it on a wall! What’s prettier than something said with flowers, guys? Nothing, that’s what. These lovely little floral words are sturdy so you can move them around, hang them, lean them, and reposition them however you like.

Can’t you just see these at a wedding or a shower, spelling out a fun phrase? So pretty! I wanted to revamp the project a little so that you could transport it and even hang it on a wall! What’s prettier than something said with flowers, guys? Nothing, that’s what.

These lovely little floral words are sturdy so you can move them around, hang them, lean them, and reposition them however you like. Can’t you just see these at a wedding or a shower, spelling out a fun phrase? So pretty!

4. Magnetic Hexagon Planter Girls Room Decor

diy room decor for teen girls

At first, I was thinking of painting my wooden hexagon container, but I remembered I had a few pieces of pretty scrapbook paper that I could incorporate into this project. So, I ended up not painting my container at all; I let my paper pattern run the show!

All I did was cut out my circle designs and glue them to the sides of my container. I had so much fun arranging the different circle colors on my container. Then, to finish my planters, I added magnets, moss, and my faux succulents.

5. Make-Up Magnetic Board Girl Room Decor

room decor ideas college girl

I painted it (The hard way, with a brush instead of spray paint. I look forward to spring when the weather lets me spray paint again.) and then glazed it.

I went to the hardware store and picked up some metal and had them cut it to fit inside my frame. Then I used spray adhesive to stick some fabric to the metal. I put it all back together and it looked like this.

6. Honeycomb Wall Girl Room Decor Ideas

girl room decor ideas tumblr

Each color was used on the far right hexagon and then diluted with white paint to ombre it out (pretend that is a legit term ok folks?)Each color was used on the far right hexagon and then diluted with white paint to ombre it out (pretend that is a legit term ok folks?)

The perfect bubble gum pink is called Pink Moment and I absolutely love it. The bulldog is carved out of thin cork board so that Miss Dyl has a memo board for all of her beautiful art projects.

The little vintage industrial desk was a $15 yard sale score and could not be more perfect. Its nice and tiny, has a Formica wipe able surface, and lots of storage. It hits me about 4 inches above my knee, and I was a little concerned about finding a mini chair.

7. String Art Girls Room Decor Ideas

girls room decoration

I’ve been seeing tons of string art popping up all over the web and decided to try my hand at a piece of my own. I really didn’t want to mess with hammers and cutting wood and all that though, so I used cork board instead. Easy to work with, light weight and cheap! What’s not to love?

In retrospect, I wish I’d taken the time to measure out how many colors I had and how much space I was working with so I only used one full run of the color spectrum across the word (I had to repeat the purple right at the “m”.) Oh well, I still like it!

8. Floral Deer Head Pallet Art Girl Room Decor

girl room designs

Wood signs are easy to make, but you might be intimated by a wood saw, or maybe you don’t have a saw. Or maybe you don’t want a saw! Well your problem is solved! I saw this already assembled “pallet” sign at Joann’s and and then saw the zinc deer head there too, and naturally thought they should be united!

To prep the sign, I lightly sanded it just enough so I wouldn’t get a splinter if I touched it. Then roughly applied my paint. I used a Martha Stewart brand chalk paint in the color Antique Sky. I wanted it look a little rustic and distressed so I didn’t apply it very evenly.

9. Painted Watercolor Pillow Room Decoration

a girl room decoration

I have to feed this craving, or it gets out of control 😉 So the other day, I busted out my “mommy only” watercolor paints, and discovered a way to watercolor paint on fabric, for amazingly beautiful results! I painted and painted on some white fabric samples, and then determined they would make the most beautiful pillow throws for our porch swing.

10. Framed Paper Succulents Girls Room Decor

girl room paint ideas

I really wanted to create a larger piece and I was so inspired by the amazingly talented Lia Griffith. With the help of her awesome tutorials, I created even more succulents to add to my Mini Succulent Plant to fill a fun frame.

To create some dimension with some of the succulents in the frame, I glued some small pieces of bamboo wood skewers. I started hot gluing the largest succulents first to the inside of my frame (to the cardboard backing) then just fill in with the rest of the succulents.

I love how this project turned out, the varying shades of greens are just so pretty. It will look great as part of a gallery wall or styled on a shelf with simple accessories.

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11. Dry Erase Board and Desktop Tray

girl room decor

Now you do not have to be messy and cluttery anymore. Have this bard and desktop tray that will not only save you a lot of paper but will also serve as a cute decorative to your study table!

12. Cabinet Makeover Girls Room Decor Ideas

girl room themes

Begin by lightly sanding the filing cabinet. After sanding the cabinet, thoroughly clean it with a damp cloth. Then use the paint roller to apply a thin layer of the paint. Let the paint dry before applying another coat.

Apply 3 to 4 coats. Use the paint brush to touch up any areas that the roller could not reach. We choose to paint over all of the silver hardware, giving it a uniform look; however, that is entirely optional. Allow the paint to dry overnight before drawing on it with chalk.

13. Painted Old Lamp Bases Girl Room Decor

girl room decor

Just a word about my turquoise lamp base. I pick up inexpensive lamps at garage sales. Most of them are brass, and might have cool shapes or details but look out of style because of their brass finish. I spray paint them bright colors to make them more appealing and fun.

13. Ampersand Marquee Light Girls Room Decor Ideas

room decor ideas college girl

So here’s how to make the ampersand marquee light. We started with quarter inch chip board. Curt drew the ampersand then cut it out using a jigsaw. We drilled 3/4 inch holes for the lights. At first we had 1/2 inch holes then realized they were too small and had to make them bigger. That’s why more than a few of them are mangled, I was struggling.

14. Monogram Ring Dish Girls Room Decor Ideas

baby girl room decor letters

Every night I take my rings off and set them on the nightstand. I’ve been thinking about ways I could contain them so that when I hit snooze in the morning I don’t accidentally knock them off. I saw these ring dishes on a few different places around the interwebs and decided to make my own.

15. Star Light Garland Girls Room Decor Ideas

girl bedroom decor ideas pinterest

This was one of those projects that took a few tries… It was actually inspired by a stack of cardboard scraps. But this isn’t made with cardboard. I scratched that method when it sucked. Now this DIY is really easy, and will be even easier if you can find string lights with a white cord.

16. Glitter Vases Girls Room Decoration Ideas

girl room decor
Glitter Vases

A whole lot of glitter! I whipped up two different versions of these glitter vasses, both of which are quick and easy. They’re perfect for parties, weddings or just to add a touch of sparkle to your dining room table. I seriously love how they turned out!

Once everything was nice and dry, I had two of the prettiest vases going! These would also look adorable holding makeup brushes on a vanity or keeping pens and pencils neat and tidy on your desk. Glitter! Seriously, who doesn’t just love glitter?

17. Fish Scale Wall Art Girls Room Decor Ideas

girl room designs

I knocked these babies out in about three days of not consistently cutting. I used 19 sheets of posterboard. I figured it up, by now you know how well my math is, and knew I needed 687 circles. Here is less than half, a tad depressing.

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18. Wall Hooks Jewelry Storage

room decor ideas college girl

I admit, I have a problem with buying pretty wall hooks. I have several on display in our main floor bathroom as decor, and I have three hooks by the front door for hanging necessities (like my purse).

I’ve been collecting more of them for the past year or so with the intention of hanging them in my bedroom. Finally I had enough for a nice looking display, and I decided to hang some necklaces since I didn’t have any proper jewelry storage for them. Plus, they just look pretty.

19. Firefly Lamp Girl Room Decoration Ideas

a girl room decoration

I found this clever lamp project over at Casa De Colorir and immediately knew it was my next project. (fly on over to check out more pics) Although the directions for DIY Firefly Lamp are in Spanish, the craft itself is pretty simple. This is a great recycle project that provides really cool lighting!

You’re going to take a tin can (the coffee tins with plastic lids are perfect), remove the label, and use a Sharpie to map out where you want to drill your holes. It can be completely random or you can create a pattern.

20. Blooming Monogram Girls Room Decor Ideas

girls room decor

Warmer weather is right around the corner and if you’re looking for a cute and totally chic piece to add to your spring decor, this Blooming Monogram DIY will be a sweet addition! We chose light pink roses, baby’s breath, and tiny white daisies, but feel free to mix and match different flowers for a unique and colorful display!

21. Chalkboard Wall Calendar Girls Room Decoration Ideas

room decor ideas college girl

I’ve already added a chalkboard wall in the new workspace I carved out in the basement. But that project has not sated my appetite for chalkboard painted surfaces. In fact, it’s had the opposite effect, making me hungry for more in the form of an oversize chalkboard wall calendar.

22. Popsicle Stick Frames Girls Room Decor Ideas

girl bedroom decor ideas diy

We got together to let the kids make some jewelry/treasure boxes out of popsicle sticks the other day. But before we could even get to the boxes our plans took a right turn and we ended up somewhere even better. Really cheap and easy to do! If you ever have a lot of popsicle sticks, then this project will surely liven up your room!

23. Hexagon Wall Treatment Girl Room Decor Ideas

girl room decor

I originally had this brainstorm when I was trying to figure out how to fill the space on a blank wall in my daughter’s room. About six months ago I had planned on making it a gallery wall, but now I wanted something different.

As many of you know, we are renting our home and I am constantly trying to think of ways to make a big impact without making a permanent change. I really wanted to add a geometric pattern to the wall, but I didn’t just want it to be flat… I was going for a 3-D effect. I started sketching up some patterns and settled on hexagons as my favorite design!

24. Crate Side Table Girls Room Decor Ideas

diy room decor for teenage girls tumblr

Just imagine the possibilities! It’s also the perfect size – not too little and not too big; perfect for holding books, blankets, toys and more. The best part? It’s only $13.99! When I went to get mine I also had a 50% off coupon so it cost me next to nothing for a great piece that I could customize to my liking!

25. Ombre Walls Girls Room Decoration Ideas

a girl room decoration

We set out pretty quickly after unpacking boxes to getting her room ready. The first order of business was painting the walls. My co-worker, Thomas, had posted a link to ombré walls on Facebook.

Now, a smarter mom would probably have done some research about how one exactly paints ombré walls and what all it will entail, but in a classic, rookie-mom move, I squealed and immediately showed it to Elena. She squealed even louder, and with that, the decision was made to paint her room in this style.

26. Mason Jar Display Girls Room Decor Ideas

girls room decoration

Everyone Summer I’m inspired to decorate my home with small touches of beach decor. A few years back I added handmade beach decor in one of our bathrooms that I occasionally still bring out.

Back then I made a broken seashell candle and frame that inspired these beachy mason jars. When I found this faux broken seashell/rock vase filler at Michaels I knew it would pair beautifully with mason jars.

27. DIY Box Storage Girls Room Decor Ideas

girl room diy

I am convinced my absent mindedness is a uncurable cause, but I am dedicated to coming up with DIY contraptions to aid in finding a cure. I am pretty stoked with the simplicity of this unfinished wood box storage, and have been using it on the regular to store my out-the-door necessities.

I’ve even had a couple friends commission a custom one for their apartments. I’m committed helping one absent minded person at time! Steps and supplies after the break.

28. Glass Marble Tiled Table Girls Room Decor Ideas

diy room decor for teenage girls tumblr

While some stock at Dollar Tree changes all the time, there are a few items that are a constant on their shelves. One of the things that you can always find there are bags of flat, gem-like glass marbles. There are so many things you can do with them.

29. DIY Tassel Garland Girls Room Decor Ideas

girl room decor

If you are looking for a cute DIY project to add some fun to your parties, shower, wedding, or office, then you must try these cute tassel garlands. You can also add in mylar for some shine! Super huge thanks to Miss Buttercup for providing the fabulous DIY step-by-step! Laura’s site is fantastic so swing by to take a look!

30. Shopping Bag Wall Holders Girls Room Decoration Ideas

girl room colors

My DIY vision board has been in a state of craziness. It started off nice, simple, clean, and very inspiring. Then it slowly became a storage space for everything from invites, pictures, cards, to receipts.

It was kinda driving me insane and completely not eye-pleasing. So I did something that my husband would’ve been proud- made use of my shopping bags.

31. Neon String Bookends Girl Room Decor Ideas

girl room paint ideas

This one is super easy to do! I love how my bookends look in my new family room, Im super into hot pink and plants as im sure you can tell right now. They’re a great addition to all my little pops of colour. They cost a total of $10, pretty sweet!

32. Hanging Copper Planter Girls Room Design Ideas

girl room paint ideas

So, this bad boy will be in our living room soon (its pictured in my office in these photos) – in that awesome part of our house I call our plant corner- I have a plant shelf and numerous other plants- I need some plant shelfies on Instagram.
Anyhow, this is ridiculously easy to make and the knots make it sound more complicated than it is, but if you can tie a shoe, you can do this!

33. Wood Block Cork Boards Girls Room Designs Ideas

room decor ideas college girl

As you probably already know, I am huge fan or cork boards, the amount of tutorials I have done in the past on corkboards may very well give that fact away, haha. I have made colorful mini circle cork boards, my cowboy board game cork board and now cork blocks, yep, cork blocks!

I bought these bricks awhile ago, painted them and never used them, I thought, colorful corkboards you can set however you want and change it whenever, heck yes!

34. Desktop Mini Drawers Girls Room Design Decoration Ideas

girl bedroom decor ideas pinterest

Yay! there’s always something about mini drawer that brings us back to when we were still playing playhouse. Don’t you agree? We love a good Ikea hack and are digging this raw wood desk organizer. It’s the perfect piece to customize. Grab your paint brushes and get making!