DIY Phone Cases Ideas to Make Your Phone More Beautiful

In this article, I will give you inspiration about the DIY phone cases. Why you should choose a DIY phone case? Because the price is cheaper and makes you more creative. Okay, we see the list directly.

1. Pressed Flowers Phone Case

diy phone cases iphone 4

Feeling a little Midsummer Evening’s Dream? This beautiful case was made using pushed blossoms, resin, and a whole bunch of popsicle sticks. This phone cover is perfect for women. The cover of this phone can also be a gift for your wife.

2. Nautical Anchor DIY Phone Cases

diy phone cases for iphone 5s

Got a thing for the life aquatic? You’ll always be ready to set sail with this as your instance. This tutorial demonstrates how to utilize a Shape die-cutting printer to produce an anchor, however you can likewise attempt using an xacto blade or try to find vinyl stickers to achieve a comparable appearance.

3. Stud Case

diy phone case henna

We have yet to find a surface we do not wish to cover with studs. We love studs on totes sandals, t-shirts, and also currently iPhone instances! This tutorial uses sheets of studs rather than conventional ones making them easy to adhesive on.

4. Geometric Leather DIY Phone Case

diy phone cases iphone

For something with a little bit more dimension, this geometric leather back is amazing option. We like the light blue tone.

5. Repurposed Glitz Cases

diy phone cases design

Rolling in extra tinsel and also shine from a current birthday celebration or late evening dance party? Put that glamour to great usage with a little Mod Podge and your phone.

6. Map DIY Phone Cases

diy phone cases iphone 7

Currently that you’re grooving, exactly how enjoyable are these map cases? Do you have unused maps? You can use to make your phone case better. You can use your map of your residence or your city to show your identity. These are made by cutting a map to size and also positioning under a clear phone situation.

7. Geometric Printable Templates

diy iphone 6 cases

Now that we get on the topic of clear instance hacks, these geometric design templates are a terrific collection to turn and print when you should mix points up. You can find many geometric printable templates in google and print them according to the size of your phone case.

8. Photo Collage DIY Phone Cases

diy phone cases for iphone 6s

We love the warm vibe of this case. It’s an easy mix of publication cut-outs, mod podge, as well as a blank apple iphone situation. Now you could carry your personalized situation around to flaunt your one-of-a-kind style and preferences. When you get burnt out with it, make another one! Super easy, fun, cute as well as functional. Happy crafting

9. Washi Tape Phone Case

diy iphone 4 cases

Wacky for washi? We cannot blame you. This ornamental Japanese masking tape has actually been everywhere lately, consisting of all over our favorite bloggers’ tech equipment. If you want an easy method to include some personal style to your phone, laptop computer, tablet, or cables, look no further. And since this stuff comes off simple, you can alter your style as typically as you change your mind.

10. Wool Felt Sleeve Case

diy phone cases galaxy

These cozy wool sleeves function as purses! We love the diagonal lines and brilliant shade pops, particularly that sneaky hot pink on the far.

11. Duct Tape Case DIY Phone Cases

diy phone cases black

Even a duct tape can make your phone cover more beautiful. Use colored tape and blend it all together to create beautiful DIY phone case. Colorful air duct tape is always a go-to when wanting to customize almost anything.

12. Leather DIY Phone Case

diy phone case deco

Back to something a little bit more manly, this leather case is simple to sew and a great deal of fun to tailor. Not just to put your phone, this DIY phone case can also be used to put your money, credit cards, business cards, etc.

13. Glitter Phone Case

diy phone cases galaxy

Wish to add some glam to your phone? Check out this very simple, incredibly shiny craft job that will certainly net you a sparkly brand-new phone instance quickly. Any kind of color of radiance will certainly do for this fast, enjoyable craft idea.

14. Fabric Case DIY Phone Cases

diy phone case accessories

This is an additional one that utilizes the clear case method. Merely reduce an item of fabric to dimension and also place between your phone as well as a clear phone instance. Done!

15. Simple but Cute Case

diy phone cases for samsung

This is a wonderful one for you if you such as to keep things straightforward. Stick or attract a symbol on it for a little of information. Some preferred ones are the infinity indication, a support, a cross, a bow, or a diamond. Discover one that YOU like, and also attempt it out!

16. Gold Studded Case

diy phone case holder

Even more studs? Why not? We’re digging the Tetris-like pattern. You can can by attaching one by one. It takes more patience to make this one. But the results will not disappoint you

17. Starry Phone Case

diy phone cases for iphone 5s

Instead of making use of Mod Podge, this tutorial utilizes clear spray paint and then sprays a number of star-shaped glitter precisely the case. Extremely cool.

18. Leather Envelope Phone Cases

diy phone cases for samsung

For something a little bit even more bespoke, create your personal leather envelope with this helpful tutorial as well as template. We enjoy the idea of using fun prints and contrast sewing to blend things up.

19. Nail Polish Stripes Phone Cases

diy phone cases for iphone 6s

Fingernail polish strikes again! This time around the nail art is around your phone situation. You can combine many colors from your nail polish. But the question is, how many nail polish do you have?

20. Impressionist DIY Phone Cases

diy phone cases cute

For individuals that love a little bit of romantic impressionism, these cases have a watercolor style we love. Produce your personal prints or make use of paper or fabric you such as.

21. Chevron + Doily Cut-Outs Case

diy phone cases black

Of training course, we have actually dug into our own case-making. For both of these, we made use of Mod Podge to connect cut-outs and also spray shellac to seal.

22. Neon Studded DIY Phone Cases

diy phone cases for iphone 4

Why haven’t we seen neon studs before? We absolutely need to stockpile on these! Just like gold studded DIY phone case, you just need to change the decoration with different colors.

23. Spray Paint Lace Case

super easy diy phone cases

To make this one DIY phone case is not easy. Maybe you need help on someone who is expert or you can search a lot of tutorials on google. If you can make it, I’m sure your phone will be really cool.

24. Sharpie Tribal Print Case

diy phone cases for iphone 5s

Why make use of textiles as well as prints when you can develop your very own beautiful pattern? This is definitely on the even more labor extensive side and takes a bit of precision, however would be a fun task while catching up on Nashville.

25. Cross Stitch DIY Phone Cases

diy phone cases cute

This remarkable set has a silicone case with openings prepunched for your needle to go through, an overview of aid you begin, 7 shades of thread, a required, as well as a needle threader. Because the opportunities are countless, we’ve always liked these little guys.

26. Galaxy Phone Case

diy phone case accessories

You want this one phone cover? All you need is to search for galaxy images in google and print them. After that see the changes that occur on your phone. I’m sure you’ll very like it

27. Custom Design Case

diy phone cases cute

For this set, make use of marker to produce distinct as well as fun styles right onto your Apple Iphone case. Some ideas you might attempt are Aztec prints, personalized drawings, or well anything truly. Use your creative imagination!

28. Charmed Phone Case

diy phone cases hellomaphie

Because you could actually go all out with it, this one an be great. Glue on some adorable grains, old jewelry charms, broken chains, and various other little knick knacks that you may have lying around. It’s an awesome method to turn garbage into a prize.

29. Quotes DIY Phone Cases

diy phone case deco

Personally, I actually like this idea. For this, you can just write an adorable quote exactly on the case. Another option is to get a clear case, create the quote on the in or outer side of the situation, and also stick an enjoyable background on the in. Most definitely trying this one out.

30. Rhinestoned Phone Case

diy phone cases for iphone 5s

If you’re even more of the glitz and glam type, after that you couldn’t potentially go wrong with rhinestones. Provided, they can be tiny so this set can be a little tiresome. However you don’t have to cover your entire phone, maybe simply a little rock here and there. I such as the cascading result personally, when it appears like the rhinestones are raining down your situation. It looks so amazing!

31. Wild Side DIY Phone Case

diy phone case henna

To do this, get hold of a black marker, pull up some print photos for assistance, as well as obtain to function. Purchase a colored case and also just include the spots or red stripes for a much more interesting and also enjoyable appearance.

32. Ombre DIY Phone Cases

diy phone cases ideas

Ombre can be a little challenging to do, but when done correctly, it could look quite darn cool. Get hold of some paint, water, a sponge, and get started. Utilize the water to dilute the paint as you obtain closer to the area where you are going to present the following shade.

The sponge is a wonderful tool due to the fact that it makes mixing way easier than if you use a paintbrush. Once again, make use of that Modge Podge to maintain every little thing in its location.